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A recreation of Satoshi's node for Vuo 2,
Came to it from a discussion by Joëlle that was using a torus to make a circle.

Usually if you wanna create points along a circle you'd use "Make Parametric Points" and use sin & cos.
But you have to divide / multiply those to shrink / grow the circle.

Here you set a radius, choose the amount of points and choose to close the circle yes or not by appending the first item at the end of the list again. It starts at the right middle of the circle though, will try to update it to start on the top.

Place the .c module in your Vuo Modules folder, you can search for this node by typing BSS in the node library.

Public Domain, any improvements or feedback welcome.
I made a loop to calculate the positions, I wonder if there is a faster way using some maths.



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