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As opposed to the built-in Scale nodes, these node do not take in account past scaling, but resize to a given dimension.
These nodes allow to scale on any given dimension, with or without condition, and optionally on a specific axis only.

Resize nodes

Resize 3D Object
Resizes a 3D Object on a selected plane (x,y or z) and scales the other axes proportionally.

Resize 3D Object if Bigger
Resizes a 3D Object if it’s bigger on a selected plane (x,y or z) or on any plane and scales it down proportionally.

Resize Layer

Resize Layer if Bigger

Stretch-resize Nodes

Stretch-resize 3D Object
Stretch-resizes a 3D Object, forcing it to the new dimensions on each axis.

Stretch-resize Layer
Same but for layers.


Place these .c node inside your Vuo Modules folder. You can search for these node by typing BSS in the node library.

License : Original code by ©Kosada Incorporated, released under MIT License, modified by Bodysoulspirit.
This code may be modified and distributed under the terms of the MIT License.
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