Something that's not uncommon is to double-click on an input port for a node in order to set a value.

If this Node is something that can accept images, and other types, then double-clicking does nothing at the moment.

Proposal: double-clicking a port that has no type set, would automatically set the type to Real, and show the input field.

Just a convenience feature, but I bet lots of new users don't understand that they need to set the Type—it's a rather 'developer-y' way of thinking, in order to assign some numbers.


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We've renamed this, and plan to implement:

When you double-click on an unspecialized generic port, it brings up a context menu with a short list of data types (the commonly-used data types that currently appear at the top of the Set Data Type menu) and a "More…" button to reveal the full list of data types.


I personally use image and

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I personally use image and text data types as often as real or integer so I would rather it not default to a specific type (Real) because I think I would be accidentally setting it to a data type I don't want to set it to which would get frustrating.

What if instead double clicking brought up a short list of maybe your top favourited data types from the long list for easy access? Then it's a feature that can fit the individual user rather than a specific style of composition. Maybe then, if you only have one type favourited, it can automatically choose that type without showing the short list?

Yeah why I understand new

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Yeah why I understand new users could wonder what a generic type is, converting it automatically to real isn't automatically the best solution I guess.
Because you then have to know you can re-convert it to another one of your desired type.

More like double-clicking opens the data type list to choose from, beside the right-click, that sounds like a good idea.
Or a selected list like Chris suggests.

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