FYI, I have it from a reliable source that

"The only way to ship native plugins for ARM-based Macs is for developers to use the new FxPlug 4 SDK."

I currently don't have an ARM based Mac to try but I figured I'd start a thread here on the forum to ask whether or not FxPlugs generated by Vuo meet this criteria (and if not if it is at least in the queue of tasks to be done...) Thanks for any info on it.


It’s unfortunate that the

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It’s unfortunate that the rules have changed relatively soon after the FxPlug3 support was added, but there are many other developers in the same boat, and not many complex plug-ins are ready for M1 chips right now. Probably best to reach out to other devs to find out what the situation is.

The main limitation as I see

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The main limitation as I see it is that if you build FX plug-ins in Vuo (and this applied to equally to QC) is that if you just port it directly you are limited in the UI interface tou can have. It takes extra code, in Xcode to build some of the sophisticated UIs which some video effects plug-in deploy. But if you’re ok with hard wired input ports then I think why not? Hard part is doing something genuinely original/new to the platform, there’s a bunch of low cost transition plugins already for example.

Hard wired input ports aren't

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Hard wired input ports aren't such a big deal, many plug-in are built entirely in Motion and Vuo lets you step beyond that nicely. But yes, you're limited in what you can do with a custom UI.

All this is moot without FxPlug 4 support though; you can't release new plug-ins that don't work on new Macs.

I have several effects that

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I have several effects that have sold a reasonable number of licenses (through FxFactory which acts as a kind of publisher)... this kind of thing ;

Those effects were built with Apple Motion and in some cases Quartz Composer based fxplugs used within Motion. (the onscreen UI shown in the videos is achieved by using the "rigging" and "linking" features in Apple Motion - and it would be possible to do the same for features built using vuo generated fxplugs). I've built some things using vuo but nothing I've offered for sale as of yet. I hope and expect that I will be making use of vuo in commercial products in the foreseeable future though - and in that case FxFactory will not publish them and I'll need to do more of the leg work of selling them myself (either way I have to make the promo videos myself : ) but FxFactory has a significant following and handles the purchase and delivery process etc. so it will require a lot more from me to sell outside of FxFactory)