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Vuo patch + FFGL

You can use FFGL to use this like source in vj programs like RESOLUME and VDMX

I make this set up Audioreactive with VDMX but you have all the parameters free for control like you want

210115-Main Output-224615


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Package icon Super Shape Feedback .bundle.zip2.88 MB

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Binary Data SuperShape Feedback II.vuo10.3 KB


Created as a simple test or demonstration

Tested with

Vuo version:
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Hey Lucas , great composition

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Hey Lucas , great composition thanks. Ive added my tweaks to it here- with trying to add fibonacci expression thanks to Huseyin Kuru and VUO. the compositions really come alive when the parameters are animated -by human or sound! tested in VDMX, Isadora and Resolume - working best in Isadora and Resolume for my system.. FFGL plug-in and composition attached.

Hello owlbert! good that it

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Hello Paul! good that it was useful to you! Yes, Temel did a great job with that finonacci expression. and definitely the animated parameters are the key, I animate them with VDMX, normally I leave the vuo files only with the animated parameters and then in VDMX I adapt them to each situation.

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