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HI, I am still having trouble playing rtsp streams. I am trying to launch this: rtsp test Vuo stops just as the video starts. Maybe the problem is that the stream is based on UDP traffic. I have not been able to test with TCP protocol. Thanks.



When my coworker and I tried

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When my coworker and I tried the stream, it played for a little longer on our computers but not much. 15 seconds at most.

There's nothing special about this stream that we know of that would prevent it from working in Vuo. It's actually RTSP-over-TCP, so that shouldn't be a problem. I'm able to play it with the ffplay command-line tool in the latest version of FFmpeg (4.3.1). (Vuo uses the FFmpeg library to play RTSP videos.) Possibly we need to update our FFmpeg version, or perhaps there's a bug in the way our code is using FFmpeg.

I've converted this discussion to a bug report and updated the title. Thanks, jandraka, for letting us know about the problem.