I did see the general FAQ reply of "early in 2021" for a native ARM version. Any update on this ... I have a project that would be a good fit for the M1 Mac Mini.


Without committing to

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Without committing to anything, I would guess that we have several weeks of work still to do on Vuo 2.3.0 — with native ARM support being the main feature of this release.

In the interest of transparency, here's our progress on ARM:

Mostly done:

  • Build each of Vuo's open-source dependencies (33 Conan packages) as "universal" (ARM + x86_64) binaries
  • Update Vuo's other dependencies, such as the macOS SDK
  • Update the Vuo compiler code to use a newer version of the LLVM/Clang API that supports ARM
  • Modify the Vuo compiler code so it can compile nodes and compositions to either ARM or x86_64
  • Build the Vuo application and modules (nodes, types, libraries) as universal binaries

In progress / still to do:

  • Handle the new code-signing and notarization requirements on macOS 11 + ARM
  • Update the FxPlug export to be compatible with the newest version of Final Cut Pro
  • Show an error when attempting to use proprietary dependencies that haven't released ARM versions (NDI and Leap)
  • Much more testing, and fixing any bugs found