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->this mod calculates audio values and outputs these(OSC Message)

->"b" is using subcomposition(vjsatoshi.vuoVjAudioSub.vuo)

->"~Audio_test" composition can check this mod's output

->tap "space" key, this mod calculate BPM

(there are audio-list under Source_Audio directory.if you change this mod's parameter, reference these list or make new lists)


->this mod needs AudioMod's output

->both input and output is Syphon


->both input and output is Syphon

->Out Monitor can change to Fullscreen, so you can also vjing only using this mod.

(Turn On/Off Fullscreen : cmd+F)

(cross fader short cut : cmd+←(left source), ↓(mix), →(right source))

vuoVjMod_CutinMirror_v10 vuoVjMod_OscController_v10

->I'm making these yet...


Download composition

Package icon _vuoVjMod.zip21.63 MB

Tested with

Vuo version:
OS version:



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vuoVjMod_Audio_v10 ->[update]change OSC port

vuoVjMod_MixerSy_v11 ->[update]improvement node-event control ->window:enqued event -> droped event

vuoVjMod_CutinMirror_v10 ->[update]change OSC port

vuoVjMod_6layersSy_v10 vuoVjMod_ObjectSy_v10 ->new mod(I'll write a descrioption later)

under construction... vuoVjMod_PlayMovie_v11

At the risk of sounding dumb

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At the risk of sounding dumb how should I use these compositions? Do I need to send them video and audio? Edit - I do sound dumb - I guess syphon and osc are prerequisites to using these mods and compositions.

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