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In about 2003 with my G4 tower I used a great little bit of software called BTV from It had a motion detection feature which at the time I couldn't find elsewhere. When my new 'neighbours' moved in recently I looked around the app store for something FREE to do motion triggered recording and didn't find what I was looking for....

The app records video (Image only) in h.264 at the native framerate and size of the source. It's all in one window with a couple of UI controls.

  1. Drag and Drop the folder where you wish to save the recordings.

  2. Select the input camera source with the button to choose from a cyclic list of all devices found on the system. It should just start doing it's thing automatically until you quit. It will record clips of 4 seconds or longer if motion is still being sensed.

  3. Adjust the motion sensitivity slider, + for more sensitive, - for less. The sensitivity slider should compensate for low light levels and small movements such as a light wind in the trees.

I hope it works for you and is reasonably foolproof. Thanks to howie Bodysoulspirit keithlang et al


Download app

Package icon Motion Detection Video Recorder.zip1.89 MB

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Tested with

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