I'm using @ Bodysoulspirit's Get Object Vertices node along with Make Points along Spline & Make Line Strip Object / Make Lines Object on a Sphere. I would like to remove the vertical line that runs through it as I want to achieve this look of concentric rings but on a 3d object (wireframe shader doesn't give the aesthetic I'm after)

Is it because the lines start and end in the same place? Perhaps there's another way of achieving this? Where there are concentric rings around the 3d shape to achieve a geometric look.



Oh, now I see it! I thought

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Oh, now I see it! I thought it was one continuous line. Yeah, you will need to split the list of vertices into separate lists of 9 (or whatever the point count per circle is) points, and render those out as separate objects before combining them to one object again. A bit of a tedious task using the cut node, but I'm not seeing how it can be automated before getting a list in list feature.

Beside Martinus great

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Beside Martinus great solution, I had tried a slightly different version

Or if you want to reduce the amount fo nodes used, I've just posted 2 experimental nodes in the node gallery, "Process List with Index" & "Build List with Data".
However, I don't know how to work on memory management, so use at your own risk.

Joined are the samples compositions.

Or a "Copy 3D circles"

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Or a "Copy 3D circles" version instead of a sphere for fun ;)

However, it doesn't close as nicely on the sphere top & bottom maybe.

(got a bug too with this version, when the rotation is set to -90 or 90° with a "Transform 3D node", using the draggable camera I'm only capable of rotating it on 1 axis. For different degrees of rotations transform it works funnily enough) Maybe my Make Circle Points node is the culprit though.