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Here's another spectrum plug I made using a different approach. Unfortunately this is even less accurate, but it looks fun and is useful as a visualizer. Here I have the "Calculate Amplitude for Frequencies" set to "quadratic", which arranges the bin values decently enough that they can be processed in an even row (In the previous composition I spaced the bins exponentially). With the bins spaced linearly they can then be processed as scalable rectangle layers. If anyone knows a good way of taking the bins and then reprocessing them into more accurate data then please let me know.

Paramaters are as follows Ypos - self explanatory, moves the spectrum up and down. framrate - slows it down - if you have a low number of columns this might be desirable. audiogain - self explanatory, adjusts the volume (by maths in this case). BinWidth - you can have neat bins, big gaps or even overlapping. cutHiBins - one apparent shortcoming of the "quadratic" setting is that there's a lot of useless high frequency bins that are out of musical range. Use this to reduce those bins. squeezeEdges - because you might want the spectrum to fit neatly on your screen, or not.


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The Calculate Amplitude for

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The Calculate Amplitude for Frequencies node needs a continuous series of audio buffers to analyze; if you skip buffers there will be discontinuities in the audio signal; if it were audible there would be clicks/pops. In FreakCity, swapping the order (Receive Live Audio -> Calculate Amplitude for Frequencies -> Hold List) should give better analysis results.

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