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Finishing a couple thoughts exploring audio tools. Wondering if it would be possible to build an audio filter inside Vuo. Tinkering with the audio tools, having a couple audio filters is a missing link. Be nice to have a 2-pole "state variable" type filter, biquad or otherwise. Low pass/high pass/band pass/notch with frequency/cutoff and Q/resonance. (Shelves would be nice, too). This is a legit feature request, of course, but wondering if possible to put something together with built-in modules?

Thinking of designs like the family of filters known as ZDF filters -- "zero delay feedback" filters -- which cover a range of "virtual analog" style digital filters. A lot of these are not too daunting to get up and running. The question is, is it possible to create the zero delay feedback part at audio rate inside Vuo -- i.e., the integrator. Could I do it with Enqueue, using the current and previous sampled value? Or is there another way to implement a recursive function? Or can the graph handle a feedback loop, with Hold nodes or whatever?

Also wondering about audio noise. Any built in noise node translate well to audio?

Edit: white-ish noise is no problem: Fire at Audio Rate --> Make Random List (I set count to 512) --> Convert Real List to Audio.


Spent a bit more time having

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Spent a bit more time having the Audio Synth comp open and running -- it starts to lag after running for a while. Stopping/starting the comp refreshes it. There are probably things I don't get about how to audio works in Vuo, like event flow, for one. Also, I'm used to working with audio sample rate, and Vuo only has the Fire at Audio Rate node, I'm a bit fuzzy on the output considering its description, "The time at which the device became ready for another sample buffer" and how this actually plays out in the graph. (In my case the output device is the built-in headphones output on an M1 Mac Mini).

More Questions:

Is there a way to make a composition (or part of the composition/graph) with audio stuff run at audio sample rate? Or how should I view audio sample rate inside Vuo? (This is still related to the integrator part of audio filters, which require some way to have a feedback loop running at audio sample rate. I would imagine making a node might be the best way to approach this. Right now I am wondering what's possible.)

Also wondering about the FM operator setup I have in the composition -- I used a Wave node with time from Fire at Audio Rate, which works but produces unexpected results. Maybe it's the "through-zero" aspect -- meaning it looks like Make Audio Wave can accept negative frequencies (though is the (modulated) waveform with negative freqs actually a mirror of the waveform with positive freqs, as through-zero would be?)

Btw, just started up Vuo 2.3.0 -- except for the lagging audio described above, no hitches so far, great!