In the current Render Layer to Window, Render Scene to Window, Render Image to Window nodes I've found the window is created on composition or Vuo application launch. I'm looking for a way to control when this window is created after a composition is already running. Like an ON/OFF switch for the window. Can this already be done? If not can we create a feature request for this set of nodes?


Guess it's Nodes for showing

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Guess it's Nodes for showing/hiding windows, and to enable the window's close button if I'm right ?

Although I wonder if there's a difference between just hiding a window (like mentioned on that feature request), that continues to render stuff (and use resources), but hidden, VS a real "turn off" (more like the black hole discussed here ? : Option to temporarily disable/turn off nodes)

I think it would have to be

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I think it would have to be an ON/OFF built into the Nodes themselves to ensure it isn't using up resources rendering something that isn't being displayed. As for the "black hole" node this is still different yet because simply placing one of these nodes by itself in an empty composition and running it will still bring up a window, and it's not even receiving any events at all!

I'm looking for a feature to let a UI button in one window open and close another window.

cwilms-loyalist, we have an

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Chris, we have an open feature request for Nodes for showing/hiding windows, and to enable the window's close button. There is a discussion on Push Rendering Optimization, where Bodysoulspirit mentions the FR Option to temporarily disable/turn off nodes and provides an example of Select Output + Select Latest to control internal Vuo resources. We're open to having a better way to do that, but haven't thought of one yet. Do those use cases cover your concerns?"