I just pasted some Fetch Image nodes from one composition to another. For some time I couldn't work why they weren't working… had I put them below other Layers in the window?…had I forgot to trigger to the node to launch them?…Was there a problem with the transform somehow?

The answer was that the path was no longer valid, since those resources weren't local to the new vuo file.

Proposal: some method to detect obvious errors, like attempting to load an image that doesn't exist? This might appear in the Vuo app or the Composition Loader. Or worse case, it logs out to the Mac OS console?

Images in vuo, which are a fundamental part, unfortunately have a fragile workflow because they require an event to attempt loading, throw no errors if the image is not found, and the images are not bundled with the .vuo file, so have to be carefully managed separately by the user.



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Loading an image that doesn't exist currently logs to the Mac OS console.

We have a previous feature request for Provide a standard way for nodes to report errors / runtime exceptions and will merge this into that FR. In addition, we are currently working on a console window within Vuo so you don't have to open the separate Console.app.

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