Hi! I'm modifying the "Triangles Tunnel" composition kindly provided by Bodysoulspirit. I would like to add audio reactivity to the shapes while the camera zooms in.

For example I tried increasing the line width of Make Line Strip Object but have also tried the opacity of the shape (have tried with a basic rectangle and some other shape types as well)

But as soon as I connect Smooth with Duration or any cables that are receiving audio data information to the Make Line Strip Object, it doesn't queue the items anymore if that makes sense. I've attached the comp, as soon as I detach the cable from the "Line Width" port it works as expected. I'm fundamentally misunderstanding how this is all working together!



It's still queuing, but since

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It's still queuing, but since the node that changes the line width has a frame rate of 60/s and the other one 1 per second, they all queue close together so they all look far away.

Another method would be to use Tile 3D Object like joined here.
It may take some time fine tuning to find the exact effect you want though, Tile 3D Object is here in the joined composition set to create 30 copies on the Z-axis and space them with 2 Vuo coordinates.
But then they're equally copied back and forth from object position = 0, so you need to set back the camera at about -Z positions (and the camera Distance Max needs to be increased too to see objects further than 10).
The light range allows to create the smooth-in effect.

Tile 3D Object is great if you want to make x copies of the same object and apply an effect like line width or color to all of them, if you want to set different effects per circle it's not the way to got however ;)

Hope this helps

Another way to space out the

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Another way to space out the circles would be to add a Hold Value node to @Joëlle's composition

True. But while I tried that, the fact that they start at the back, for audio awareness, until they reach the front, time has passed, so it doesn't feel as synced in my humble opinion, depends on the effect one wants to achieve I guess ;)

Thank you