When a cable is selected, some information is shown about it in the info panel. This would be similar to selecting a node, which shows info on this node. For a cable, this could be data type, event throttling.It might additionally include a simple version of Console, if possible. For example, showing the last 5 data points etc—saving the user from attaching a Console node for debugging purposes.

This panel could also expose the same right-click functionality, including 'Insert Share'.



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We have port popovers for showing data about values and events moving through cables. Popovers report data type, last event, and value. Popovers of trigger ports show event throttling. There is a feature request to Show a trail / history chart of data values in numeric port popovers.

Are there some use cases where you need something different than port popovers, or enhanced port popovers?

Thanks Jean Marie

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Thanks Jean Marie I do use the port popovers, and drag-off floating windows quite extensively, thanks!

I guess I'm hoping for a way to invoke those from anywhere on a cable (as well as the trail feature)

Perhaps a Command + click on anywhere on a cable to show the Value/etc, as if I had clicked on a port at this cable's terminal.

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