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I am looking for some support.

I want to control a grid of 5 x 5 spotlights with the mouse. When the mouse is in the top left corner, the top left spotlight comes on. And so on.

So to speak a follow light with the trackpad.

Can anyone help me with the first steps? Where to begin?



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I suspect there are several ways to do this. The key for me was being able to use the mouse coordinates to indicate a specific item in a grid. I used a table I created within the composition for listing the specific items, which are the positions in the list. You could alternately input a table using a Fetch Table node, and output whatever IDs you need for your lights.

I'm not familiar with Art-Net, but our example compositions show how to send and received Art-Net messages. (This node set is included in Vuo Pro. If not using Vuo Pro, then you would need another protocol to communicate with your equipment.)

Hope this is helpful.