I think it may be the case that mouse won't work in many, possibly all of the protocol comps, because it isn't possible to get the window info?

Is this true, or am I overlooking something?


Oh, hmm. Well to answer

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Oh, hmm. Well to answer Jaymie’s final question, you publish x/y with proper protocol key names.

When you create a protocol comp, these are published already, so you just have to hook them up. Then QC sends mouse events from the rendering window to the composition.

That’s how most protocol stuff in QC works for sending data typically needed to program.

edit: testing now, and I see that in QC the mouse events are forwarding in the template picker, but not the actual template composition. When I run audio protocol, I see an empty structure. So...inconclusive.

Kind of orthogonal to the issue of "how to get mouse/trackpad coordinates" when the window renders on its own in VUO (with no visible nodes to get the window info from).