I tried to post a video to the VUO group a few days ago, just to show a simple "code doodle" level thing I had done.

I received a message after a few days that it wasn't allowed to be posted because it was spam.

In order for something to be spam, someone has to be attempting to promote something off topic. I had nothing to promote, and was just sharing an idea done with VUO.

I would appreciate if the mods in the vuo fb group would not mark a video share as spam, because it harms my account.


I think admins get notice

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I think admins get notice that FB has a post it thinks is spam, and then they can let it sit there in a queue as spam or not. That said, FB may have changed this since the last time I encountered it.

Yeah, it must have been

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Yeah, it must have been something Facebook did automatically. We got an email that there was a post pending moderation, but when we followed the link a few minutes later, it said there was nothing in the moderation queue. Feel free to try posting it again.