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Instaclock is a beautiful and clean clock* screensaver. Once activated it displays an instagram containing the image of a clock reading the current time within a 5 min range.

*I really want to call it a 'timepiece' but it just feels too pretentious.


A while back I had what I thought was a really simple idea; to write a little app that would search instagram for photos containing clocks and display the right one at the right time. It turned out to be a bit more complicated than I originally thought but this basically does what I set out to do.

Quite early on I realised that to find a good photo for every minute of the day was going to be quite tricky to source so instead simplified to looking for one photo for every five minutes of a 12 hour clock cycle (144 images). Each five minutes a new image is displayed that has a clock in it showing the time within a five min radius. This is accurate enough for most timekeeping, especially in Malaysia!

I love playing with ideas of repeated symbols and the idea of using available space within our normal lives. This is the end result.

Originally built in Quartz Composer and rebuilt in Vuo



Double click: 'Instaclock Screensaver.saver' and it should install automatically. If not put the file 'Instaclock Screensaver.saver': /Users/[USERNAME]/Library/Screensavers


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