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This is I believe the most advanced composition I've made so far. I hope you guys can learn something from it. Please consider it creative commons and if you use it as the basis for something else make sure you attribute it to RAVESTABBER. I'd love it if you sent me a notification as well.

The composition was used to make the videoclip here, please have a watch, give some likes: the audio artist is Null Hypothesis. The concept is basically a matroshka doll series of audio-synced vuo compositions inside each other (not sure if that was obvious).

I actually owe a debt to another composition in this gallery. I'm pretty sure it's 3D Eclipse EQ by Bodysoulspirit. I took the parametric sphere layout formula from this composition (I still don't understand parametric equations well!). The eq points are "wrapped" around this sphere, kinda like peeling an orange. The points of the eq move outwards from the centre, so volume makes the polyhedron larger. Once I got this to work I thought it would be interesting to put something inside it (the yellow octahedron) that you can only see occasionally.

If you jiggle the parameters you should be able to get some interesting effects. Note they are not necessarily the most useful parameters to play with (essentially the parameters are what I wanted to tweak for the videoclip).

null hypothesis 'Hair & Dust'


Download composition

Binary Data audiohedron (with seed).vuo48.42 KB

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ah ok i thought it would

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ah ok i thought it would package the subcompositions in with the composition... I attached the bom rotate node here, you will probably have to drop it into your node folder before opening the main composition. However... even without it you should still be able to run the main composition... all it does is rotate at a speed determined by bpm.

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