I'm loading scenes as OBJ files with large texture maps, two observations

  1. There does not seem any way to clamp textures rather than the default wrap of textures. This basically stops me from abutting adjacent texture maps due to colour interpolation for texture coordinates of 0 (or 1) with the texture at 1 (or 0).

  2. OBJ does not put limits on the size of textures. Every program I've tried (Maya, MeshLab, Blender, Nira) allows me load 32768 pixel textures as jpegs. The highest I can go in Vuo (at least as powers of 2) is 16384. I'm prepared to accept that 32768 is not allowed for some reason, but it should be documented.

The attached is 4 pieces, the texture size of the top-left corner is 32768, top-right is 16384, bottom half is 8K and 4K.


Vuo's Fetch Scene node

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Vuo's Fetch Scene node defaults to repeating textures since that's what 3D mesh authors typically expect, but the Change Wrap Mode node can change it to clamp or mirror.

The texture size limit is imposed by the GPU (not Vuo) — see OpenGL Driver Monitor > Monitors > Renderer Info > OpenGL Limits > Textures > MAX_TEXTURE_SIZE; for OpenGL it's typically 16384 but may be less on some GPUs; see also Metal Feature Set Tables > Maximum 2D texture width and height.

Some applications automatically scale down textures that are larger than the GPU allows. Currently Vuo doesn't do that; instead it refuses to load such textures. (If you're interested in that, or other ways of processing textures beyond the GPU limits, feel free to create a feature request.)

We'll look into adding information on texture size limits to the documentation.