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Generate a grid of basic geometric shapes (randomly selected squares, circles/half circles, triangles).

Controls (published parameters):

  • Columns and rows for the grid, Size controls total grid size.
  • Color palette - the color for each shape is randomly selected from the currently selected palette. (Would also play nice with the json color palettes from here.)
  • Shapes - different combinations of shapes.
  • Emptiness - probability that a cell in the grid will be empty.
  • Background - when true, a square is selected for the background of each grid cell with a random color from the current palette.
  • Mouse click in the composition window to generate a new grid.

Download composition

Binary Data 2Dgrid-shapes.vuo32.89 KB

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derp. I see that the mouse

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derp. I see that the mouse generates a new grid in the comments now. good idea to use beat detection to fire off new grids in tempo to music. I like them. I'm a fan of graphic minimalism and these simple shapes look nice when presented in color schemes with varying backgrounds etc... they remind me of painting from the seventies or something like that.

they remind me of painting

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they remind me of painting from the seventies or something like that

Since you mention it, my thoughts were with modernist graphic design with the use of the grid pointing to "Swiss Style". Also a bunch of Bauhaus graphics with awesome use of grids + geometric shapes. With those in mind, this Vuo project is only scratching the surface. :-)

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