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I have not used vuo yet. At the moment i am in the middle of a project and looking to find out if vuo is a good software solution to fix a pipeline issue i am having. I have a project in Unreal game engine that i have rendering out at a 1:1 screen in fisheye for fish eye projection. I want to warp this output live to project out to a circular mirror dome projection.

Essentially im looking for a piece of software that can work as a middleware between the computer window as monitor 1, capture monitor 1 view (the game running in a 1:1 fisheye ratio) and live warp to export to monitor 2 (the projector).

I know that vuo can live warp, but can it do it from a monitor capture?



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as you probably know, Vuo is actually a MacOS software only. This told, the ways to achieve what you want that I'll test are:

  1. run Unreal in an emulated Windows over a MacOS machine, then capture the window output through a Capture Image of the Screen Vuo node
  2. run Unreal on a PC networked to a MacOS machine; stream PC Unreal windows content through NDI tools, receive it on the Vuo composition running on MacOS through *Receive NDI video *node (requires Vuo pro)
  3. as above, but with a specific harwdare connection instead than the network (Magewell USB capture HDMI or similar) that inputs PC video out as a MacOS video in. Then Receive Live Video node surely is what you need.



I did this for a client

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I did this for a client perhaps 2 years ago, I used a 4K HDMI capture dongle. It's "only" 2160 pixels vertically for the fisheye but that is more than enough for any spherical mirror setup. Of course it does introduce another computer into the setup which is wasteful but in this case they wanted to offload as much of the processing as possible from the MSWindows side. It all worked fine but if they wanted less even processing on the Windows side I was going to suggest just presenting 4 of the cubemaps required and forming the fisheye on the Mac side as well with a small GLSL shader. But at the end of the day they preferred seeing the fisheye window on the screen for the navigation. In your case, can't the Unreal game be built for Mac and then just use a screen capture in Vuo and warp?