Vuo version: 

OS version: 

  • macOS 12

CPU architecture: 

Apple Silicon (M1/ARM64)

How severely does this bug affect you?: 

●●○○ — It's annoying but I can work around it.

Steps causing the bug to occur: 

  1. plug in projector
  2. open moderately complex project (do not run)
  3. attempt to scroll, zoom, select, edit on the canvas. Canvas either doesn't respond at all or is sluggish and jerky.

Have you been able to reproduce the problem?: 

●●● — Yes, the problem occurs consistently when I follow the steps above

Have you found a workaround?: 


Other notes: 

Interestingly I don't have trouble using other graphic intense programs like photoshop (with plenty of layers) or iPhoto— they are all super snappy, no lag at all loading layers, rendering etc. This is a 2020 Mac book pro with the m1 max chip, so no shortage of power.


Hmm, that does sound annoying

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Hmm, that does sound annoying. Our team hasn't encountered any slowness when connected to projectors before, including when testing with Vuo 2.4.2 and Apple Silicon — so I wonder what's different about your setup.

It would help to know if the problem is specific to that one type of projector. Have you had the opportunity to try other projectors or external displays?

Have you noticed if the resolution or display arrangement makes any difference?

When you have the projector connected and a moderately complex Vuo composition open, would you mind getting a process sample so we can see where Vuo is bogged down?

  • Open Applications > Utilities > Activity Monitor.
  • Select Vuo.
  • Click on the gear icon with dropdown menu.
  • Select Sample Process.
  • During the 5 seconds that the sample is being taken, attempt to scroll/zoom/select/edit on the Vuo canvas.
  • Save the sample and attach it to this bug report.