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Can we please have subcompositions?

The roadmap says "Ability to create nodes using visual programming (subcompositions)" as one of the planned, but not scheduled features. I guess this means that subccompositions could be added to the node library and shared as nodes or node sets. If that is going to take a long time, could we have some intermediate mode before that feature, where you could create subcompositions in the same way as QC macro patches just to make compositions much much cleaner? Anything even a bit more complex becomes very messy in Vuo.

QC equivalent: 

Macro Patch

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Notes from Team Vuo

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No — available with both Vuo CE and Vuo Pro


●●●○ — A few months of work


●●○ — Could expand community

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Agreed — I'm really looking

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Agreed — I'm really looking forward to the improved organization subcompositions will enable.

We talked it over, and we're going to try doing something like your intermediate suggestion. It's now on the roadmap.

Modular decomposition is a

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Modular decomposition is a fundemental technique for computer programming. It is very surprising to see this missing from Vuo. I would urge the developers to make this a very high priority development. I suspect that the longer it is left, the more difficult it will be to include what should have been a day one feature.

Will there be the ability to

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Will there be the ability to create parent nodes? (not sub compositions- but nodes that hold inside other nodes - publishing their published inputs and outputs?) or is this strictly drag and dropping .VUO compositions into the editor to generate custom nodes?

I think that the ability to place groups of nodes on the fly into (QC Speak) Macros is very powerful. (Maybe Vuo in future can allow sub compositions to be edited onthefly? If not already.

@alexmitchellmus, Vuo 1.2 will

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alexmitchellmus, Vuo 1.2 will support exporting compositions so they appear in the Node Library and can be reused in other compositions (like Virtual Patches in QC). It won't yet support editing subcompositions on the fly (like Macros in QC). In Vuo 1.2, we're laying the groundwork by modifying the compiler and runtime and providing some initial functionality in the editor; in later releases we plan to add more editor features like editing subcompositions on the fly and moving groups of nodes into subcompositions.

reading others comments

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Reading others comments elsewhere on the forum it seems others are using prerelease 1.2 builds... AFAIK I never actually received any kind of notifications... but maybe this feature isn't ready for testing yet... In any case, I'm looking forward to it either way - I notice the ETA for 1.2 hasn't been pushed back to December yet on the roadmap page : ) I work at a software company so I have sympathy for those who struggle to make accurate time estimates and meet such deadlines etc. Happy Thanksgiving.

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