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A simple ethereal animation.


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Woah, cool. So is this kind

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Woah, cool. So is this kind of like a macro? What is the main difference or benefit of the composition being like this as opposed to using the Render Image to Window? I guess you don't get requested frame anymore, but you do get a "time" value from the Image Generator thing?

This composition has the

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This composition has the "Image Generator" protocol enabled. Yes, the time port is roughly equivalent to Requested Frame — it fires for each display refresh, with the number of seconds since the composition started.

Protocols are useful in a few ways:

  • In 3rd-party host apps, like CoGe, you can use compositions that adhere to the Image Generator protocol. By using a protocol to provide output (instead of a window), you can feed the output back to the host app for it to apply further processing/compositing. (Or you can use a Render X to Window node, but it'll show up in a window by itself, independent of the host app.)
  • In Vuo 1.1.0 (coming in a few weeks), you'll be able to offline-render movies for compositions that adhere to the Image Generator protocol. It'll have functionality similar to Kineme QuartzBuilder (spatial/temporal supersampling). In order for temporal supersampling to work, we need to be able to execute the composition at a specified time, which is why the protocol is needed (it provides the time input port).
  • Once Vuo supports subcompositions, the Image Generator and Image Filter protocols will provide an easy and standard way to use macros to generate/filter images, and to easily swap them out — similar to KinemeCore's "Transmutate" function.

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