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This composition displayed visuals to enhance the music of Yonder (Sally Sparks and Chris Stack) at Asheville electro-music festival 2014. It was created by me and Steve.

In the performance, Steve controlled the composition with a Behringer fader sending MIDI to the composition. I've replaced the MIDI nodes with keyboard nodes so you can control it with your computer keyboard.

Yonder (1 of 3) @ Asheville electro-music festival 2014

Yonder (2 of 3) @ Asheville electro-music festival 2014

Yonder (3 of 3) @ Asheville electro-music festival 2014


Keyboard controls:

  • Q / A: Change orb size
  • W / S: Move 3 orbs inward/outward
  • E / D: Change orb color
  • R / F: Change ripple amplitude
  • T / G: Change ripple wavelength (if nothing happens, press 'R' and try again)
  • Y / H: Change ripple speed (if nothing happens, press 'R' and try again)
  • U / J: Rotate the scene
  • I / K: Zoom in/out on the lower left area of the scene

(Key names are for a QWERTY layout. For a different keyboard layout, the key positions will be the same but the names will be different.)


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Asheville electro-music festival
on 2014.05.16
at Asheville, NC, USA

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This is pretty cool… by

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This is pretty cool… by adding the "mask image by brightness filter", you can get a meta ball effect because of the gaussian type nature of the radial gradient. I put it between the Ripple Image and Make Unlit 3D Object from Image nodes.

Is there a patch that can create an emboss effect, or can I create a normal map from the luma of the texture to setup something like that normal map example, but with 2D meta balls instead of the texture in the normal map example?

Neat metaball effect! For the

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Submitted by

Neat metaball effect! For the normal map example, do you mean the Move Light Across Tile example composition? We don't yet have a way to input a height map and output a normal image (to pass to Shade with Details), but if you're interested in that you could submit a feature request. In the meantime, you might be able to approximate it with Map Image Colors.

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