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Is this possible with the tools already out of the box in the beta version?

I would like to make a kaleidoscope and rudimentary video mixer to get to grips with learning this program, am not a visual programmer, more a max/msp audio programmer, used qc and jitter a little bit, have a few super simple compositions in qc like a kaleidoscope and video synth where it just feed backs infinitely with that reflected tile tool, was very basic but good fun.

Wondering if there's a way to make a kaleidoscope with the objects that are available now, or a video feedback tool, is this possible or will it ever be made as simple as in qc?


Hey @Richop,

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Hey Richop,

Thanks for your question. For the 0.8 release — coming soon! — we will be including an example composition that demonstrates video feedback. In regard to making a kaleidoscope, that isn't possible just yet, but if the feature request for the mirror node ( goes through, it will be a strong step forward.