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Demonstrates one way to make a hexagonal kaleidoscope.

(In Vuo 0.9.0, there's now a Make Kaleidoscope Image node that makes this much easier.)


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Steve, could you show me how

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Steve, could you show me how to put a feedback effect on the output of this? I would kind of like to see how that happens after the kaleidoscope multiples, but also an example of before, to better understand how the engine works. I was trying to do it both ways … the difference in the type of window objects between compositions, and the way the copies output works is tripping me up some.

…or rather, this is the

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…or rather, this is the modified file I'm working from, adding an audio wave texture to the kaleidoscope.

I'd like to understand how to make a feedback +/- scale, so it can go in or out, and also, how could I do a color shift with the feedback loop, so that it creates a color gradient? Do I have to add a custom hue shift image filter in the loop or can color be shifted like one would do on a Billboard color port in QC (e.g., with a render in image feedback loop that goes to a billboard inside the render in image).

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