Is there a means, couldn't find it, for getting a list of all files of a particular type found within a specified directory? e.g.: list of all the movie or sound files so one can random choose from them, or apply one after the other.


It looks like there is no

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It looks like there is no scanner, so paths would have to be "hard coded" into the composition - e.g., file paths must be known.

I would say that they could be built into a list of some sort maybe, and then index could be chosen…but I see there is no List object yet, they are just kind of built into some nodes.

The only thing I can see that could be done would be to consecutively list a bunch of file paths in the Cut node, and then predetermine what the Start Index and Character Count for each path would be. That's a really primitive workaround that seems like it would work, though it would be horrible have to setup.

If you needed to just flip between two different paths, you could use the "select" node.

So, as much as there needs to be a Directory Scanner, simple multiplexing is an even more basic missing feature (in my opinion of course).

There is no scanner. But if

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There is no scanner. But if you want to for example cycle through images in a folder, you could do something like in the screenshot I posted here. It's a bit of a hack, but works for many things.

You would have a folder called "images" with files: filename_0.jpg, filename_1.jpg, filename_2.jpg, etc.

Then you use the Append to feed the filename to the Get Image node. I used this to play image sequences in Vuo before it had video playback. The number could come from a counter or a random number generator.

You should be able to do the same thing for videos and sound files.

Regarding lists and

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Regarding lists and multiplexing. You can do this:

  • Add Get Item From List node
  • Drag the list drawer to have as many inputs as you need
  • Right click on one of the circles of the input drawer
  • Select the data type you want your list to be. (for file paths it would be Text)
  • Enter the paths manually
  • Use the which port to select which input you want to use. Like QCs multiplexer.

Yes; as of Vuo 0.8.0, there

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Yes; as of Vuo 0.8.0, there isn't yet an equivalent to QC's Directory Scanner. We're working on that for the upcoming Vuo 0.9.0 release. And improved Select nodes (Vuo's equivalent of QC's Multiplexer) are planned for Vuo 1.0.0.

[Edit: Vuo now has a List Files node and Select nodes with more inputs.]