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This is a vuonode that creates a configurable arc, and an example composition.


Hi George,

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Hi George,

Thanks for posting the arc node.

I've had a look at the example and can see it was made with Vuo 0.8.0 and I'm having problems getting it to work with 1.2. Should the node work with 1.2 or has something changed in the framework to stop it working?



@2bitpunk - See the attached

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2bitpunk - See the attached image. Used Vuo 1.2.1. - Width and height are in pixels and refer to the image size generated. - Major Radius and Minor Radius are the inner and outer radii, also in pixels. - Angle is obvious, but it seems to measure clockwise from vertical.

@GeorgeToledo - Can you confirm this and also fill us in on the details of Close and Alias?

That sounds right as far as

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That sounds right as far as the pixel measurements go.

I think that the Close parameter has to do with, when you make Angle do a full loop, it will sometimes appear a step shy because of an artifact of the way that things clamp at the edge of a texture... a problem common to many implementations of arcs or circle warp filters. The Close option does something to make the loop go ahead and close...I think by overshooting just slightly, allowing there to be circles that look continuous. I can't quite remember what I did, but it should work. Maybe I have that wrong though.

Alias probably softens the edges of the arc a little bit, to keep them from having edge aliasing....or lets them be sharp.

It's been awhile since I have looked at this, but I think that is all accurate. I plan on revisiting the nodes I have posted and making updates as necessary. If I find that my description above is incorrect, I'll post back here to clarify.

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