The inputs on the "Play Movie" node, such as playbackrate and settime, should they be able to be modified "live". I trigger the play movie with a FireonStart and from that point those inputs have no effect. Not sure if this is expected behaviour or a bug. If expected why and how can one get around it ... pretty limiting. For example I would normally use playback rate to pause or fast forward under keyboard or mouse control, or settime to jump to chapters or back to the beginning.


I think you can approach this

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I think you can approach this in different ways:

1: Keep Fire On Start attached, also attach a Fire Periodically, or Fire On Display Refresh. Whenever either of those fire, the port values of the node will update.

2: Window nodes output a "requestedFrame". That can be connected to the Fire ports on objects, and it will have them update every frame…that's what I've been doing more often than not.

3: Fire On Start can be used in combo with these periodic/every frame fire methods, or not.

I hope maybe Vuo can introduce a timebase for nodes, so that a node could implicitly be fired every frame without cable attachments, or be "idle" for use with these Fire nodes.

I know I've run into some scenarios in QC, where if you want a patch to not update immediately when a user is manipulating the interface, it is very tricky. I suppose this aspect of Vuo helps with that.