A high performance screen grab node. Normal application is to capture a region of the screen to use as an image, similar to this http://v002.info/plugins/v002-screen-capture/ Useful for grabbing output of other programs. I used it in the past to send subsequent images through Syphon to other machines for their Vuo (QC) processing. Prepared to fund this.

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No — available with both Vuo CE and Vuo Pro

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It looks like there are 2

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It looks like there are 2 main high-performance ways of capturing the screen: one that works on Mac OS 10.6 and earlier (reading from a fullscreen OpenGL context), and one that works on 10.7 and later (AVCaptureScreenInput).

Will you need Mac OS 10.6 support? (Since it would essentially mean a second implementation, that would affect the estimate for this feature request. Keep in mind we'll be discontinuing 10.6 support after Vuo 1.0.0.)

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