I want to play a movie with 3 channels of audio and output them with a Motu ultralite. I noticed that all movies I tried even stereo audio out of the mbp speakers didn't work, just replacing the movie url in the example play movie with sound. So firstly, what are the supported audio formats? Are there any supported formats that will give me 3 channels? And secondly, will I be able to output this through a Motu USB device?


Yes, we're working on

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Yes, we're working on expanding audio support in movie playback; Vuo 0.9.0 will support more codecs. The code is written to support an arbitrary number of audio channels, but we haven't tested movies with more than 2 channels of audio yet — we'll try to do that soon.

In the meantime, try this procedure:

  • Download and install QuickTime 7.x (use version 7.x specifically; later versions removed the ability to change export settings)
  • Launch QuickTime Player 7, open the movie, and File > Export…
  • Under "Export:" choose "Movie to QuickTime Movie", and click Options…
    • Under Video, click Settings and choose:
      • "Photo - JPEG" (if you want to be able to seek or change the playback rate)
      • or "H.264" (if you want a smaller file size)
    • Under Sound, click Settings and choose "Apple Lossless"
  • Click Save

will I be able to output this through a Motu USB device?

Yes, if movie audio playback works for one OS X-supported audio device, it should work for any. Just connect Fire on Start -> Make Audio Input from Name -> Send Live Audio, and give it part of the MOTU's device name. (You can check the device name using List Audio Devices or the Audio MIDI Setup app.)

We're planning to make this easier, so you can just double-click on Send Live Audio's device port to see a list of currently-connected devices.

Hold the phone. This doesn't

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Hold the phone. This doesn't work with large frame sizes (which is what I need). I'm playing back a 1920*3240 .mov photojpeg and it renders at ~ less than half speed for video, full speed for audio. The hardware is fully capable and I can play it in other apps. It doesn't even look like dropping frames, rather slowed down or non-realtime. I tried AIC with the same result. Same thing happens whether I'm spanning monitors or rendering to a single screen. Audio seems to be compromised slightly too. Is there anything I can do about this? Considering I'm following your instructions, other than the frame size, you should be able to repeat it.