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Currently, VuoCompositionLoader's windows don't respond to ⌘W. I'd like to be able to close individual windows (without quitting the VuoCompositionLoader app), and to be able to programmatically show/hide windows.

Mockup by Team Vuo

  • Change Closable Statusvuo.window.closable
    • Input ports:
      • VuoBoolean closable — default true
    • Output ports:
      • VuoWindowProperty property — connect this to a window node's "Set Window Properties" port.
  • Change Window Visibilityvuo.window.visibility
    • Input ports:
      • VuoBoolean visible — default true
    • Output ports:
      • VuoWindowProperty property

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Created based on <a href="">a bug report</a>
Notes from Team Vuo

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No — available with both Vuo and Vuo Pro licenses


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@Bodysoulspirit, the feature

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@Bodysoulspirit, the feature request you mentioned is an in-editor feature — when you're running Vuo Editor and editing a composition, you'd be able to temporarily disable a particular node.

@cwright's feature request, however, is about giving the composition itself control over showing and hiding windows — so that, for example, you could create a composition with a Make Button node, then when you click it, it would show or hide a second window.

@smokris, ok, yes, but I

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Steve (@smokris), ok, yes, but I thought if I can disable whatever a node, I could disable a "render layers in window" node too and that disabling it would have make the window disappear.

Yes of course not so sophisticated as the make window closeable thing :)

But hey, Smokris, I believe in you man, when you tell me the sky is red, then I say it's red man :) No kidding but yeah sometimes I don't know the background, the possibilities and the limit of what is possible to code or not :)

Ok we'll see what the future will offer us concerning these windows then ;)

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