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Currently, VuoCompositionLoader's windows don't respond to ⌘W. I'd like to be able to close individual windows (without quitting the VuoCompositionLoader app), and to be able to programmatically show/hide windows.

Mockup by Team Vuo

  • Change Closable Statusvuo.window.closable
    • Input ports:
      • VuoBoolean closable — default true
    • Output ports:
      • VuoWindowProperty property — connect this to a window node's "Set Window Properties" port.
  • Change Window Visibilityvuo.window.visibility
    • Input ports:
      • VuoBoolean visible — default true
    • Output ports:
      • VuoWindowProperty property

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Created based on <a href="">a bug report</a>
Notes from Team Vuo

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No — available with both Vuo CE and Vuo Pro


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@Bodysoulspirit, the feature

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Bodysoulspirit, the feature request you mentioned is an in-editor feature — when you're running Vuo Editor and editing a composition, you'd be able to temporarily disable a particular node.

cwright's feature request, however, is about giving the composition itself control over showing and hiding windows — so that, for example, you could create a composition with a Make Button node, then when you click it, it would show or hide a second window.

@smokris, ok, yes, but I

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Steve, ok, yes, but I thought if I can disable whatever a node, I could disable a "render layers in window" node too and that disabling it would have make the window disappear.

Yes of course not so sophisticated as the make window closeable thing :)

But hey, Smokris, I believe in you man, when you tell me the sky is red, then I say it's red man :) No kidding but yeah sometimes I don't know the background, the possibilities and the limit of what is possible to code or not :)

Ok we'll see what the future will offer us concerning these windows then ;)

I'd like to be able to show

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I'd like to be able to show/hide the console window so I can use it as a debugging window but also disable it at times (it slows comp down amongst other things, and yes I realise I could make a switch to disable the data flow to it to speed things up).

If putting an enable switch on the Console Window node is easier than dealing with full render windows, perhaps it could be first cab off the rank for a quick fix?

For interactive displays it

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For interactive displays it would be nice to have a depth camera trigger some UI controls to display. I can think of a few instances where I may want a keyboard shortcut to bring up a secondary window showing some basic UI controls for a full screen composition. This could be useful.

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