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  1. Open an editor window with a bunch of nodes (such that you have to scroll around)
  2. pinch-zoom gesture to change the zoom level on the fly
  3. nothing happens :(

pinch-zoom for canvas-like UIs is pretty nice when done "well" (responsive, low-latency, zoom center is "reasonable").


Notes from Team Vuo

Vuo Pro: 

No — available with both Vuo CE and Vuo Pro


●●○○ — A few weeks of work


●○○ — Appeals to current community

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I would really like to see:

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I would really like to see:

Zoom in: Spacebar + Command
Zoom out: Spacebar + Command + Option

done in conjunction with this. okay i'm piggy backing on this for something I advocated for long ago, before even Spacebar was deemed acceptable for Pan/Scrolling control (the whole modal discussion). happy for this to be made into a separate feature request.

also would be nice if compositions remembered canvas position and zone when saved and re-opened. I like to have a to-do list inside the comp and save it showing that list.

Complexity : Some weeks of

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Complexity : Some weeks of work :( Holy Pinch ! Thought that would have been trivial to add !

Ok I'm not a coder so no real idea !

Yeah a good and smooth trackpad pinch zoom can be faster then +/- keyboards or buttons.

And a keyboard "Button + Scroll" to zoom for normal mouse I guess ?

EDIT : For those who know Better Touch Tool (LINK) (it's not free but you can pay what you want starting at 6$ and I couldn't live without that app for a long time now) I just tried to specify cmd + scroll Up / down to zoom in out the editor. Works basically ok. No smooth zoom though.

Alastair, I think your ideas

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Alastair, I think your ideas are beyond the scope of this feature request, so you could file separate feature requests.

Bodysoulspirit, the implementation of this feature involves: (1) implementing the pinch gesture itself, (2) ensuring that it scrolls smoothly so we don't have another issue like Smooth Scrolling for the Canvas & the Node Library, and (3) ensuring good performance even in the face of large compositions / older systems (possibly requiring some performance improvements to canvas rendering).

@alexmitchellmus, it could,

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alexmitchellmus, it could, although if you want it sooner, you could create a separate FR. Mouse-wheel zoom would actually be easier to implement than pinch-zoom since it's stepped instead of smooth (doesn't require improving canvas rendering performance to support smooth zooming).

It would be helpful if you could give some examples of other apps that support mouse-wheel zoom and the modifier keys they use, so we can try to make Vuo's UI consistent with other apps.

Chosen to be implemented.

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Feature status:
Open for community voting
Chosen to be implemented

Chosen to be implemented.

alexmitchellmus, we've decided to focus on just the main (pinch-gesture) part of this feature request, since it's a long-standing request. If you'd like the mouse-wheel zoom, feel free to create a feature request (and if possible, please let us know what modifier keys you're accustomed to using in other software).

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