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create four 3d point list. (positions and rotations, scales, strokes) if you connect these list to "make point(line) mesh" node or "copy 3d object" node, you get particle(stroke) or 3D object particle.

[Vuo] stv.Gen Particle Emitter



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HI! I have a small doubt. I

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HI! I have a small doubt. I make a basic particle emitter and I want a continuous emission, but is explosion type. Emits every X time, X is "Life Time" in this case is a 10 seconds... Is there any way to create a continuous emitter from a mesh or structure like QC (Particles warfare: https://1024d.wordpress.com/2010/12/17/_1024_particlewarfare-1-1-qcplugi...)? Thank you Attached a video and composition: Particles_Emit.mov

Hello all,

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Hello all, First post as I finally catch up with Vuo :)

Playing with these and they are great fun but I'm finding lighting of a particle generated mesh triangle object a bit funky.

Seems that they have reversed faces or normals? If I use a point light and a lit colour shader I have to position the light in the -5 Z range to make the object visible, anything I am missing or other advice?

Cheers all.

Hi all,

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Hi all, Finally about to try Vuo again. Going back to this. Trying to figure out how to add multiple attractors to the DrawStroke example, but it only choose the first on the list. Is it possible to have several points attracting at the same time?

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