There are shortcuts for Runing and Stoping compositions. (⌘R and ⌘.) Its annoying to click with the mouse to fire event again. And Stoping and Running comp takes time.

So maybe ⌘F


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No — available with both Vuo CE and Vuo Pro

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Good idea, @emervark. We're

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Good idea, Emer. We're thinking of using ⌘T, since ⌘F is commonly used to Find (something we plan to implement in Vuo). This should be quick to add, so we'll try to get it into one of the upcoming releases.

I just put in a feature

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I just put in a feature request for similar to this ("q" key fires all Fire at Start nodes), i didn't realise this was already implemented.

Couldn't it just be a key like "q"? Why command needed. Plenty of pro apps use naked key shortcuts and it's not doing anything terminal like Quit or Stop.

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