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I downloaded the latest version of Vuo (1.0), but aparently some nodes are not installed (e.g. vuo.rss)… where I can find those nodes?


Hi, @prackvj. The vuo.rss

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Hi, prackvj. The vuo.rss nodes are included with Vuo. Strange that it isn't finding them.

If you run and then launch Vuo Editor, does it output any messages?

If you right-click on Vuo, select Show Package Contents, then open Contents > Frameworks > Vuo.framework > Modules, do you see vuo.rss.vuonode in there, and is its size 18,218 bytes? (If not, try re-downloading Vuo, and make sure to use the built-in "Archive Utility" to extract the ZIP file — I've found that some third-party utilities, like Stuffit, aren't extracting it correctly.)