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Hi I am New to Vuo been looking the forums for a OSC message in format I have Osculator sending data to port 8000 data is formated as /X /Y /z

how can I identify what is /x /z /y in vuo osc in module

thanks in advance


Hi, @balam.

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Hi, balam.

I don't have much experience using Osculator, but from a quick glance, I think the procedure is something like this:

  • In Vuo, add a Receive OSC Messages node and click Run.
  • In Osculator, click Parameters > OSC Routing, and, in the Targets section, pick "Vuo OSC Server" from the dropdown.
  • In the main Osculator window, under the Event Type column, pick OSC Routing.
  • In Vuo, click the Received Message port to show the popover, and start sending some messages. In the port popover, the "Value" line shows the OSC address.
  • Connect up a Filter by Address and Get Message Values for each OSC address you'd like to use.
  • Use the output of the Data 1 port to control your composition. (Click on the port to show the popover, to inspect what data is currently coming in at that address.)

I've attached the test composition I made.