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I hope this feature request

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The things I hope this Feature Request will allow are :

  • Copyright and Version Info (for distribution, like described in Copyright for exported apps).
  • To be able to set an icon / image for the OS X System Preferences Screensaver Gallery (screenshot below).
  • Hope there will be a live preview of the screensaver within System Preferences (or allow us to set a still image as preview at least).
  • The ability for stuff (images, videos, fonts ...) to be bundled within the .saver bundle just like Vuo already allows it for exported apps.

Made a small mockup here below

Are screensavers totally dead

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Are screensavers totally dead ? Not so sure,

I guess people visit my website pretty much for the "iOS Screensaver for Mac" only. Created years ago and not updated for years, I just took a look at my Weebly website stats and was pretty impressed.

475 unique visitors a week at this date, 877 page views.
Pretty good for that old guy. It had much articles featured in OSX online magazines, 200.000 downloads, but still I'm impressed after all those months.

So I think it has some Vuo potential.

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