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By default, the Node Library

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By default, the Node Library is sorted by how frequently the nodes are used in Vuo's example compositions. You can already sort alphabetically by selecting View > Node Library > Display by Class.

Some additional sorting possibilities include:

  • sort by name
  • sort by most-recently-used
  • sort by the frequency you use each node

What would you like to see?

This might be more of an

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This might be more of an intermediate need but I've found myself wishing there was something similar to Pure Data in Vuo Editor UI? I've found myself becoming familiar enough with a few of the classes where I can type them out or would know them if I saw them like a code/class completion.

So it would be a short key command to make a node and then automatically be able to start typing with a node class completion function. This would make the workflow smoother once you get acquainted with the nodes and also help for memorizing them quicker.

Just an idea :)

Like- but just how no idea

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Like- but just how no idea about how this would be implemented with current editor software. Also pd is very confusing for new users- and sometimes you can forget exact node names. Maybe it would be better if a floating window could pop up over courser? So you type and search the library from your mouse position?

[architek1] a short key

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[architek1] a short key command to make a node and then automatically be able to start typing with a node class completion function

architek1 and alexmitchellmus: Since Vuo 1.1, you can type a node class name (with dots) into the node library's search field, to get an exact match. And, since Vuo 1.2, nodes are created at the current mouse position, so you can now do this:

  • position the mouse where you want to create a node
  • press ⌘⏎ to focus the node library
  • type⏎ to create Hold Data at the current mouse position

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