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This is something I've talked about before also, but I'll try again with a feature request. Ever since the first time I opened Vuo, the big play icon of the Refresh port on the nodes has been inviting me to click it, but absolutely nothing happens when you do that. I think clicking it should send an event to that node and it should execute whatever it would do when an event is sent there.

I know that currently you can use the output Trigger ports to send events manually when editing things, but that is an extra step that slows down live coding, you need to create another node to connect to it anyway.

So my request is simply this:

  • Send an event to a node when you click the refresh port. (or ⌘-click). I would prefer just left-clicking.

  • Also, when you right-click a refresh port, it should give you the option to "Fire Event"

I think this would help a lot for Vuo beginners to understand the event triggering. When you can manually do it, it makes sense to connect something to it to automatically fire it.

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Hi, @mnstri. Thanks for the

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Hi, mnstri. Thanks for the reminder. Agreed that this would help beginners to understand event flow (not to mention convenient for more advanced users).

This has been in our internal task queue for a while, and your feature request prompted us to take a fresh look at it today. We think we came up with a fairly straightforward way to implement it, so we're going to try to fit it into one of the upcoming releases.

In early versions of Vuo we showed port information when hovering over a port, but we got a lot of feedback from users that this behavior was unpredictable and annoying, that they'd prefer more explicit control over when port info appears and disappears. So we changed to the more-predictable behavior of showing port information using a single click, which so far we've received positive feedback about.

Since left-clicking on a port already causes port info to be shown, we're tentatively planning to use ⌘-click to fire events to arbitrary input ports (which is also consistent with Vuo's current ability to manually fire events from trigger ports). We'll also add a context menu item.

And since some ports perform special actions ("Port Actions") which you might want to trigger manually, we're planning to support manually firing events to any input port (not just the refresh port).

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