add vuo patch and integration with VDMX like quartz composer.


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Hi, @fatcat.

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Hi, fatcat.

Integrating with VDMX isn't something that we (Team Vuo) have control over; it's up to the VDMX developers.

We've been in communication with the VDMX developers, and they are enthusiastic about adding Vuo support — as mentioned on our FAQ about integration with VJ apps, the VDMX developers have stated that Vuo is high on their priority list, but there isn't a specific timeline yet.

In the meantime, simple integration between Vuo and VDMX is already possible, using Syphon — check out our tutorial on that.

Following on from this, I

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Following on from this, I understand that VDMX currently supports vuo up to v.1.1.1 - what is the limiting factor here in allowing it to support 1.2 ?

Specifically i am looking to use the OSC nodes within a vuo composition in VDMX, but presumably will not be able to until a new version of VDMX is compiled against 1.2.

Will this happen when you next update vuo, or when vdmx next update their end? I got the impression it might be the former. It's a shame to have all these new nodes in 1.2 and not to be able to use them within VDMX, currently.


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