If I get to learning how to edit nodes myself this should be an easy enough add…

Means you can have two objects moving in sync but offset on the wave value. Workaround is to do math on the output and clamp the result (boring).


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Yeah, it's easy to create an

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Yeah, it's easy to create an Add node to offset the time before you send it to the Wave node, but it would be handy to have that built-in since it's so commonly used. I'll try to add that in the upcoming release.

yeah adding to the time

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yeah adding to the time before it hit the node was something I tried but I'm not sure I understand how the time input actually works. In QC its a continuous (event free) flow of a real value (dynamic or static). Is it the same in Vuo? What is the typical way to wire this if you wanted three LFO nodes 120º out of phase with each other? What "Time" patch do you use? Fire Periodically set to 1/1000s? Or wire Render to Scene's "Requested Frame Port" to every LFO?

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