I'm starting to building a prototype of the Vuo Editor I'd like to be using as a feature suggestion. Thinking of doing it in Vuo to learn Vuo, thinking of doing in QC b/c it's what I know, thinking of doing it in QC+Origami to learn Origami.

One thing that is discouraging me from starting out in VUO is that I can't find a way to get the two vuo.keyboard.X nodes to output a boolean value when a modifier key is down in the way the Kineme Freeboard QC Patch functions. The closest I got was setting the Key input port to any and the Modifier input port to command. But it still requires a combination of key to be used. My suggestion is to update the Receive Keyboard Button node so the Key input can be set to "none". Alternatively a node hardwired to output a boolean port for each of the modifier and special keys would be more pleasing in terms of Editor neatness but probably more work.

That way we can get the real-time keyboard modifiers as bools as required. If this is a legitimate feature request please file my post there.


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