I think it's very important - ability to make text layer with wrapping. I don't know what is better option:

  1. to add an option to Make Text Layer node which sets text rectangle dimensions OR
  2. to add ability to change layer's dimensions and automatically wrap text to its bounds if needed.

Vuo Developers Team should choose an option which is more compatible to Vuo philosophy.

By now it's possible to wrap text only by adding Enter character - but it's a static solution :( I often work with text in Vuo compositions which are part of my theatrical performances, where text information is very important and text flow should be reactive to animation.

BTW, great job!

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Image With String Patch



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@Teo Dumski, I've opened this

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Waiting for review by Team Vuo
Open for community voting

Teo, I've opened this feature request for community voting.

By the way, with Vuo 1.1, you can now directly insert linebreaks into text ports — hold the Option key and press Return. And you can already set text alignment to left, center, or right — double-click the Font port:

This would be useful as I

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This would be useful as I have the same requirement. Another thing I noticed when using a text file as the data source is that the first line is not vertically centred (Read Text File > Split Text > Cycle Through List). The quick fix for this is to add a line at the top with a space, this causes a delay but is a simple work around.

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