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A little Sunday doodle, inspired by Paul Henry Ramirez's "Eccentric Stimuli" installation which I just saw at the Akron Art Museum.

My composition demonstrates several techniques:

  • Parametric expressions — Using Make Parametric Points, I wrote a set of math expressions to generate each curl. The X and Y coordinates use sine waves with a power curve to produce spirals, and the X coordinate has an additional offset to make the curves move left to right over time. The Z coordinate starts out far away and approaches the viewer, making the curves appear to grow and move faster (due to the perspective effect) as they move left to right.
  • Creating several similar (but not identical) objects — In the parametric expressions, I added a parameter to add variation to each path, and I used Build List to generate the parametric point series multiple times, each with a different value.
  • Subtractive blending — I created a white background using Make 3D Square, then painted dark-green line strips over it, subtracting them from the white background (Change 3D Object Blending) to produce the light purple color — light purple is the RGB complement to dark green.
  • Control panel — Using a few instances of the Share Value node (in the top left, tinted orange), I added some parameters you can modify to produce different results.

Purple Curls


In addition to the orange control panel, you can also modify these parameters:

  • Line Width (on the Make Line Strip Mesh node)
  • Subdivisions (on the Make Parametric Points node)
  • The parametric expressions themselves

When you change a value, you might need to fire an event from Fire on Start to update the composition (right-click on the Started port and select Fire Event).


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