Right now it's possible to play back video with a time delay, but it takes multiple nodes to set up the delay. It would be easier if nodes were provided to streamline this.

From discussion on Delay Value (before passthrough) node

A simple example would be two windows, both with a live video feed. In the one window the image is streamed live and in the other the frames are cached for say for 7 seconds before it begins to pass the frames to another Render Image to Window node. The effect would be that the Live action happens in the first window live and in the second window the same video appears but after a 7 seconds delay.

Like the attached composition? The Enqueue node (with surrounding nodes) stores up the images for 7 seconds and then starts letting them through. So, maybe the Delay Value node you're suggesting could be something along those lines, where it would store up the values until it gets an event saying to let them through? Or maybe that's something we could add to the Enqueue node, not sure yet.

If you can think of other situations besides time-delayed video/audio playback where this would be helpful, please add a comment.


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